Turner Insurance offers a variety of products to help meet the needs of seniors and those on Medicare.

We have excellent Medicare supplements at competitive rates. A Medicare supplement will help pay for the things that your regular Medicare policy doesn’t cover. We also can provide a Medicare supplement part D prescription drug coverage that can help pay for the medicine you need.
We also offer long-term care plans to help you ensure that you will be well-cared for as long as you live. These plans when properly structured can help put you and your family’s mind at ease knowing that your long-term care is taken care of. We can build a long-term care plan that’s right for you, or we will review your existing policy to help you make sure it is structured to correctly meet your needs.

Another way of setting your mind at ease is making sure you have the right amount of life insurance. At Turner Insurance we can help you determine how much insurance you need and help you find an affordable policy.

We can also help you set up an Annuity which will pay you periodic benefits once it matures. Annuities are another way to provide long-term security and income.

For answers to your questions or to receive a customized health insurance quote from the professionals in our office contact us.
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